Protecting Web3 Users Against Scams and Fraud - Together

Operate safely and securely in the crypto world with Blockfence: An open-source, community-driven browser extension.

Get Blockfence v0.2.6- released Mar 16, 2023
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Facing crypto scammers alone has become virtually impossible, both for newbies and experienced users. Blockfence has developed a unique protection layer that combines complex analyses, (patent-pending) machine learning algorithms, the community’s accumulated data, and the ecosystem partner’s input to protect the users of Web3.

Supported networks: Ethereum
Supported wallets: Metamask
Supported browsers: Google Chrome


End-to-end protection: Blockfence protects against all methods of fraud - phishing, malicious smart contracts, scam protocols, and more. Thanks to our complex analyses, advanced patent-pending ML algorithms, and data from our partners, we are detecting fraud and scams in all layers, from the blockchain level (layer 1) to the user interface (layer 4)

GPT-based Smart Contract Transaction Interpreter: Understand what your crypto wallet is about to perform, in plain English


Collaborative Security

We team up with leading security partners to provide the most comprehensive anti-fraud solution. By working together as an ecosystem, we can leverage a diversity of perspectives and expertise, ensuring max protection.


We value your privacy

Blockfence has no access to your wallet and funds, no need to login, and it takes less than 10 seconds to install and get protected.


Free and for the community

Join us and help save you and others from losing funds to scammers. Our core engine becomes smarter with every new user and community member.


Blockfence will always be free for the community. For enterprise (API) - please contact us.